Its part of the job!

Not all of my adventures in Second Life are really hot, sexy or otherwise exciting. Sometimes you need to do things which you find a bit boring at best.

One example was just the other day. I went to the house hoping to get a chance to see that other young chap called Lace. He apparently is Rudolf’s wife favorite amongst those college students visiting the house.

Nobody at home at first. I was laying on Rudi’s bed, thinking about what to do next when I noticed somebody in the other bedroom.

It was Rudolf. He was only wearing a bathrobe and was standing there with a solid erection showing.


Ok, I knew were this was going. So once again spread my legs for him and have him have his way with me:

Why am I doing this?

To make sure the family members of the Hedone family do not suspect anything. My cover would be in danger if I would show little or no interest.

But what if any of them find this blog actually and realize you are writing about their secrets? You might ask yourself?

Well, no risk no fun!

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