My Casual Sex Encounters with John

You remember my first post on this blog? It was about a sailing trip and my first sex date as a MILF with John. You might wonder what happened to that.

We still meet occasionally. Most of the times for sex or for shopping. We didn’t find time to continue our planned sailing trip around the mainland of Second Life yet. It’s not forgotten just delayed.

In fact we can only meet when his real wife is not at home. Gone to the grocery store or something like that. For that reason our sex encounters are typically quickies.

Last week end was one of those days. We chatted a bit and he said:

“I do really fancy being with you again, but at the moment I am with somebody and would be rude to just leave her”.

I laughed and told him to continue with her. He wasn’t actually fucking her yet, but it was obviously his intention.

A few minutes later I received a message from him:

“Can you believe it. She just left me without saying a word. Now I am standing naked here with a huge erection in both worlds.”

I did send him a taxi and dressed sexy. Little later he stood in my apartment, still a hard on, and I gave him the treatment he was craving for:

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