Zipless Fuck at The North Sea Hotel in Second Life

I woke up at the North Sea Hotel. Found myself alone, totally naked. My partner with whom I did spend the night at this place was not in the room.

Maybe he checked out already? After all, it was a casual sex date, why would he be waiting. “Or he is downstairs having breakfast?”, I asked myself. Probably not, can’t see him on the “Friends list” being online.

Would have been nice to start the day with yet another fuck.

I was “caming” around a bit to see if anybody is actually at the hotel. Suddenly I realized, the room next door is occupied too. A young man all alone actually, laying on his bed. He only did wear shorts and I saw his hand in those making those typical movements.

You know what I mean.

Here we go, there was my morning fun.

I stood up, opened the door to his room and sneaked in, walking up to his bed, totally naked exposing my body to him without saying a word.

I smiled at him and started to touch myself whilst standing there, showing him that he is not the only horny person in the room.

He pat on the matrace.

Zipless Fuck at the North Sea Hotel in Second Life
Zipless Fuck at the North Sea Hotel in Second Life


Quickly I followed the obvious invitation and laid next to him. What followed was a quite hot fuck, without any us saying a word.

Zipless Fuck at the North Sea Hotel in Second Life
Zipless Fuck at the North Sea Hotel in Second Life


Suddenly he vanished. At first I thought he might have crashed. Waited. Waited some more, but apparently he wouldn’t come back. Maybe he finished and just left, leaving me unfinished.

Ok, it was me then who ended up masturbating in a hotel bed.

Masturbating on a Hotel Bed
Masturbating on a Hotel Bed


No. it wasn’t. The door opened and another guy sneaked into the room. Taking turns? What an interesting place that is.

Onther Zipless Fuck at the Hotel
Onther Zipless Fuck at the Hotel


Without a word, he took me there and then. Fucking me hard and wild. Using me. Maybe he has been watching before and now want to get off as well.

Zippless Fuck at the North Sea Hotel
Zippless Fuck at the North Sea Hotel


He did. So did I.

He stood up, still not saying a word. Dressed himself and left the room.

Two zipless fucks before my first coffee even. Not a bad way to start a day.

Back to my own room to get dressed. I decided not to wear panties under my dress today. Who knows, might come in handy.

I went downstairs to hotel bar. A martini in the morning was what I needed. A few minutes later my fuck from the night before appeared at the bar too.

Martini in the Morning
Martini in the Morning


“Good morning, how have you been”, he asked cheerfully, I am here to pick you up, we wanted to go shopping today, you remember?”

I smiled thinking off the last hour and said: “I am having a really great morning, thank you.”
I kept what actually happened to myself for now.

And went shopping with John. But thats for yet another naughty story.


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