Mother and Daughter with a Naughty Plan in Mind

I suddenly became a mom in Second Life. I was sitting on a sofa when a young girls approached me. She is only 19 in real and her appearance in Second Life could actually portray a girl even younger than that.

And she already has a boyfriend in Second Life. She came up with an very interesting and naughty idea. You best read this part of the conversation to see what it is all about and how I suddenly adopted a daughter.

Lily: im sure all your daughters bfs would like seeing you and your sons friends too 🙂 my bf would definitely stare at you :). My real bf stares at my mom

Charly: Would you like your sl boyfriend to meet me?  I could teach him some things.

Lily: if i said your my mom im sure he would be staring all the time at you lolz. Im sure he would like that 🙂

Charly: And you could watch and learn something too. Well, we could actually take a room at the hotel.

Lily: Oh that would be so kool

Charly: Would it turn you on seeing your boyfriend having sex with an older women.

Lily: yes especially if she was my mom 🙂

Charly: well, you can arrange that, how would you tell him?

Lily: id just tell him i wanted him to meet my mom 🙂

Charly: Easy, and we meet at the hotel bar.

Lily: hehe yes :0

Lily: would you dress sexy, mom?

Charly: just like now, but not wearing underwear.

From there on we became mother and daughter in Second Life with a naughty plan in mind.

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