Marilyn – The Roleplay Escort Becoming a Professional

Today I am introducing you to Marilyn. She is our latest at Caroline’s Mansion. I found her using SIN Tracker, which is a hud created for rape roleplay in Second Life.

Yes. I do like a good hunt too! More about that in another post though. It was one of those days I had nothing to do at the house. This doesn’t happen very often, but if it does I check who is online on SIN Tracker.

Her SIN Tracker profile intrigued me. She wrote her roleplay backstory on there. She was playing a high class escort girl.

I wondered if she knew that you can actually get paid for sex in Second Life. Normally I would start my hunt at this point. I decided not too, instead I wrote her an IM.

We talked a while about the opportunity to work at Caroline’s Mansion as an escort girl. It is one thing to just roleplay that fantasie or actually serving customers and getting paid for it.

She was intrigued. Very much so. She left the Mansion that day as she had to think about it.

Maybe a week later she contacted me again. She wanted an interview. Not a problem. I invited her over to the Mansion and we sat down in those comfy lap dance chairs in the bar area.

I was sitting their naked. I often do that at interviews to see their reaction. She kept staring at my penis all the time and started to make flirty comments and emotes.

It was clear to me, this girl loves sex. Just because of that I knew she will be doing well at the Mansion.

However, how good is she at that?

Time to find out. So I told her: “Ok, now comes the more practical part. Let’s go upstairs and have sex. I need to know where you need training”.

“ I thought when will you finally say that”, she laughed and we went upstairs.

She was a great fuck. Seriously, you need to come to the Mansion and try her out. She is very passionate, sensual and at the same time very inhibited.

It became obvious to me that she had enough previous experience in roleplaying an escort girl to start right away with us.

The best: She already has a 3DXChat account as well!

That gives her the opportunity to get into sales and customer services at SLA Media, a job where she can make some real money for herself.

The Casting:

Hired of course.

The next day I invited her over again. I still needed to give her the tour around the house. It is important for all the girls to know where is what and how do all the menus work. I typically practise with them quite a bit for them to be confident when seeing their first customer.

She met me in the bathroom. I was having abtah there and she joined me without hesitations. Laying naked in the bath tube, I explained all the different parts of the house.

That also included our “Tenderlove Room”. That’s a room where the girls can use a very special sex hud. I wrote about that before:

“Marilyn come let’s go downstairs and I show you what it is. This is better be seen in action than just explaining it”.

She smiled and said: “With great pleasure”.

Yes. We did it again. I suspect we will continue to practise a lot.

The Tenderlove Training Session:

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  1. I am frequently connected in the evening at (gmt +1.. french time ) around 20 h to 24 h.
    don’t hesitate to send an IM and if I can i join you at Caroline’s Mansion

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