Fancy Me?

Fancy Me?

A fun way of reading this blog: Start with the guides in the main navigation, then go in the archives to the oldest post and read your way from my past till today. That is how my latest client does it: Mr Saint (His name). He has actually not gotten to the latest posts yet. I think he is stuck somewhere between Magic Angels and the Mansion.

It took him a while to actually find me In-World because my name „Caroline Resident“ is not my user name but my displayed name. My user name is actually „carolinestravels“. For those who want to say hello, search for the user name not the display name.

My new friend and backwards reader of the blog, not only is a fan of my writings but also has ever since this fantasy to have sex with me, after reading about me working as an escort girl. However as he is not up to date with what I am currently doing In-World, he was not sure if I am available for it and he was not sure whether or not it is appropriate to actually approach me. Hence nothing rally happened other than a few friendly chats in IM about Second Life in general and bloodlines in particular.

That was about to change.

Yesterday Saint did send me another friendly „how are you“. „I was hoping to meet one of my regular clients but he apparently is not on at the moment“, I said.

„Oh, what services do you offer?“He inquired. It was then, when I realized that he doesn’t actually know, that I am still in the sex trade. I told him what I am doing and he said: „When I have more Linden again I will definitely „test drive“ you“.

I told him with tongue in cheek: „You can always buy some Linden with your credit card“. I continued: „You know my VIP package includes taking you to my luxury home in the blake sea, and using the best sex animations available in Second Life. But hey, it is ok if you need to budget, .. maybe next time“

„Not so fast, now you got me interested“, he answered. It did not take him long to buy himself the Lindens he needed to hire me. I invited him over to my villa on the shores of the blake sea. He paid me for half an hour first with the option to upgrade if he really likes it.

I am sure you guessed it! He did enjoy himself very well of course, despite of some challenges with the use of camera. He stayed with me more than an hour and paid me a generous tip on top of my hourly rate of 3.000 Linden.

Afterwards he confessed, that he always wanted this but did not dare to ask.

What do you learn from this, dear reader?

1. Yes it is absolutely appropriate to say hello In-World. I am always open for a chat with my fans. Just say hello, If I am busy I tell you and we talk another time, deal?

2. Yes, it is absolutely appropriate to approach me for hiring my services as an escort girl. Don’t be shy! Simply ask me if I am available for some fun.

3. Yes, this is a self-promotional post :-). Contact me Inworld if you want to have som steamy fun with me. My Inworld user name is carolinestravels or simply leave a comment hereunder

Here is how it went:


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    MarcusOpell 2 years

    hey Caroline i would love to have fun with you someday my username is the same as the name i am using for this post, but before I become a client can we talk and see if we are good at being friends first i have a hard time being intimate with someone I dont share a connection with

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    Claudine Chantilly 2 years

    Hi Caroline,

    Since you mentioned above that you have ” the best sex animations available in Second Life” in your home, perhaps you could review some of them please.

    Inquiring minds would be very interested.

    love your blog


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