The Cheap Whores Trailer Park Next Door

Located just a few meters from the SLA Media head office, you find the cheap whores trailer park. It is just what it says on the tin: A place where whores can rent a trailer and offer their services.

Almost all trailers are actually rented out. There are some whores who do it as cheap as 50 L$. Other charge up to 500 L$. However the place is never really busy despite of the very low rates for sex.

Cheap Whores Trailer Park

Cheap Whores Trailer ParkI have in all the time I am working at the store seen less than 5 clients walking around there. The whores group has 71 members and they are rarely online either.

With one exception: A girl called Savannah Morningstar seams to be permanently in her trailer, apparently offering herself as AFK fuck doll.

Savannah Morningstar - AFK Slut
Savannah Morningstar – AFK Slut

I know by know, it is frustrating for a guy who comes all horny to the place looking for an uncomplicated inexpensive fuck, but none of the girls is actually available.

How do I know?

I was yet again attending our 3DXChat store when I received an IM:

“Hello, can you help I have a problem”, was the message and came with a teleport offer. I was sure it was yet again somebody in our cinema who doesn’t get the movies to play.

Happens all the time. (/me sighs)

I was wrong.

Instead I actually landed in one of the whore trailers. I was utmost surprised to see there this naked guy, laying on the bed with a solid erection.

“You see what the problem is? I have a hard on and nobody here to help me.”

I was about to explain that I am the store manager from next door not a whore. But hold on a moment I said to myself.

So instead I heard me saying:

“Hmm, I am normally not doing this but will you tip me generously afterward? I actually could do with some shopping money”.

Oh my God, did I really say that?

He agreed actually and promised to tip me very generous. Well, knowing the rates from those girls, my expectations where not high. But the idea intrigued me, almost aroused me.

Hence I took of my dress and joined him on the bed, starting to suck his hard and rather big cock. He really enjoyed that.

Cheap Whores Trailer
Cheap Whores Trailer

He needed it.

“I want to fuck you in the ass, “he suddenly said, “do you do that too?”

Well, I do prefer a classic pussy fuck actually but hey, he pays for it, so why not.

Hence I answered: “I really hope the tip will be generous then”.

“Yes, it will,” he confirmed, turned me around and entered first slowly my “rear entrance”. I was expecting him to be very eager, horny, desperate to cum , that this will be over in a few minutes.

Boy, was I wrong.

Fucked in the Ass
Fucked in the Ass

He took his time. Fucked me left right and center. Used me, abused me. All the time in my ass.

When he was finally done, shooting his load in my ass, he payed me 1.000 L$.

Nice! Relatively easy money.

If it would have been my real ass, I would probably not walk for a week, but virtually it  was no big deal.

I thought, maybe I should do that more often. What you think? Shall I work as a whore next to what I am doing? A bit of a side income for shopping in Second Life?

Tell me what you think in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The Cheap Whores Trailer Park Next Door

  1. Ooooooh…that’s deliciously torrid and slutty, I love it! I have a friend named Isobel who occasionally works out of there and it’s a huge turn on for her. I’ve actually kind of toyed with giving it a try – after your story, I just might!

    (Yes, once again, read from my phone. 😉 Happy Holidays, Jessica!)

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