Introducing yet another noob to Second Life sex

I sometimes go to social island to see if I can give a noob a hand. Literally.

On social island in Second Life you usually see mentors helping the newly arrived residents with advice about almost anything they need to know to get started in Second Life.

But there is typically nobody to show them what is sex like in Second Life. I imagine many noobs wonder how it works and where to get it.

Hence I made it my social mission to help out on the matter. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

Yesterday I found a truly newborn resident. He just came off orientation island, standing on social island, not knowing what to do next.

Noob on Social Island in Second Life
Noob on Social Island in Second Life

Chat as always shortened:

The Noob: what can we do here. Any thing which is interesting?

Jessica : Well, what would you like to do? There are different kind of people doing different kind of things. For example: Some people come to build stuff, such as cloths for avatars or buildings or entire cities or art.

The Noob: wow!

Jessica : Some even have shops where they sell the stuff they build. Others just come for entertainment, such as music clubs, dancing, beaches or strip clubs. Others have hobbies here such a sailing on the mainland or flying planes or role playing

So here you have it: the biggest interest groups in second life are:

  1. Design and building.
  2. Entertainment.
  3. Role play.

and of course like everywhere:

  1. Sex

The Noob: ok.
Jessica : You can search in your viewer for related groups. There are lots of them, even very specific ones. For example if you are into roleplay, you might do a search for “games of thrones”. Try to be specific. Which of those  4 main interests do you find appealing?

The Noob: all 4
Jessica : Haha, then you are going to be very busy here!

Jessica : Ok, good. To start with the best thing to do is get yourself some Linden Dollar to go shopping and get an individual avatar you like. Because everybody knows the starter avis and makes you look very noobish haha However there is alot of free stuff around too, but it’s less quality than the ones you can buy.

I passed him some landmarks where one can get free clothes and skins.

Jessica : Here is a site you can buy stuff:

Or in any of the shops here.

The Noob: what is your interest?

Jessica : I am working for a media company here and work as  a side job as an escort girl.  So for me its making money with sl and sex.

The Noob: o great. How can i …?

Jessica : Having sex? Well, first of all your new avatar comes without a penis, so you need to get one. The way it works then, there is furniture available which has built in animations controlled by a menu,  which is easy to learn.

The Noob: Ok,and then?
Jessica : Then you need a partner, now that works the same as in real life, you either  chat up a girl for example at a club, or you simply pay an escort.

The Noob: nice

Jessica : The next step would be to learn how to roleplay and emote in sex situations, but that is not always needed.
The Noob: Ok, the Noob: can we do this ?

Jessica : Do you have some LInden$?
The Noob: not at this time, because i don’t know how to get some.

Jessica : Ok then get this one:

Its free, not as good looking but to start with should do.

The Noob: And how will i pay you?
Jessica : Get yourself around 5.000 Linden that is enough to get started and look good. For now don’t worry about that.

The Noob: There is a penis pic!
Jessica : Because you do not have a penis yet, obviously for sex you need one.

I talked him through the process of completing a purchase on marketplace. Looks like it isn’t that easy when you are new to Second Life to actually buy something there.

After this we teleported to a sandbox. A sandbox in Second life basically is a region or parcel where the owner allows people to rez stuff. I typically use sandboxes rated adult.

Adult Sandbox in Second Life
Adult Sandbox in Second Life

There I talked him through the process of unpacking boxed items. He did actually very well with that. He didn’t just click around like crazy but instead follow my instructions step by step.

    1. Drag and drop the item from your inventory on the ground
    1. Right click the box and choose open.
  1. Click on copy to inventory.

Easy peasy!

I even had to show him how to undress and how to add something to an outfit. I made him take off his pants, add the newly acquired cock  and the hud that comes with it.

Noob wih Free Penis in Second Life
Noob wih Free Penis in Second Life

The Noob: now next?

Jessica : well, next is how furniture works. There are two types, one works with poseballs and newer ones work without. If it is with poseballs you call the menu and sit on the poseball

The other type you simply sit on the furniture and click to call a menu. In most cases you get a message to malow the animation, you have to click yes then.

Follow me i think upstairs is a suitable rug. 🙂

So we did.

The Noob: now?
Jessica : Click on the rug. Right click and choose sit!
The Noob: OMG!

Wanking a Noob in Second Life

At this point I explained how to adjust hover height and the poses to make “it fit in”.


Jessica : Great I am wanking you now.
The Noob: aawwwwh.
Jessica : That is  something one would accompany with an emote like:

Jessica : /me takes his cock in her soft hand, starts massaging it firmly and feels how it gets hard in her hand.

Jessica : for that simply put /me in front of the sentence and describe how you do what you do. I swap to another pose now.

The Noob: aaaahhhh
Jessica : /me wanking you with both hands
The Noob: how to express this. Im loving it.

Jessica : Turns you on in real?
The Noob: yes.

Jessica : /me smiles cheekily and opens her blouse.
Jessica : Like my underwear?
The Noob: yes, very much so!
Jessica : want to fuck me too?
The Noob: Yeah, love too.

Jessica : Click on the rug. A menu opens. There ist a very simply one at other places you have  a lot more options. When you click on any of those each one is a different position.

He started changing position using the menu as if he wants to win a contest like “who gets through the menu first”.

Jessica : of course when you have sex you don’t flip like that through the menu haha

The Noob: hahaha I am checking. I loved to have you.
Jessica : Of course with a better cock you can adjust the angle for better fit.

The Noob: which position you like most?
Jessica : on my back.
The Noob: Oh ok, where is this style?

Jessica : makes you hard in real?
The Noob: yes, I found this position.

Fucked by Noob in Second LIfe
Fucked by Noob in Second LIfe

Jessica : Now fuck me till you cum in me.
The Noob: aaaawwwwwwahhhhh

Jessica : /me moans as he fucks her pussy entering her over and over again, using her as a new sex toy. Breathes harder.

Jessica : tell me when you cum in real.
The Noob: aaawwwwh
Jessica : you enjoy my tight and wet cunt.
The Noob: Yes so much, like this it will get 3 minutes more.
Jessica : dont hold back, enjoy its your first fuck in this world.
The Noob: im forced to use my hand 🙁

He did cum shortly after. He was amazed that this is actually so arousing and exciting.


Before I left I said:

Jessica : This is what I do normally for Linden haha, but as an introduction to sex in sl its free haha.

The Noob: thank you. I will pay you for this don’t worry.

Jessica : Welcome, always good to help newbies getting started. So this time is free, I am sure you will come back for more 😉

Jessica : Btw. I am also in another online sex game

The Noob: which?
Jessica :

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

For sex it is much better than Second Life, everything else is better in sl. It costs a bit of money but well worth it

You should mark this parecle here so you find it faster when you need to unbox something you bought.  > World > Landmark this place.

Jessica : I am getting dressed again haha. Will go to work see if I make some money today. See you around, when you see me online next time just give me a shout

The Noob: sure.

I am curious if he pais me something when I next see him or if comes for more of the same.

What you think?
Should there not be more people taking care of noobs?

Please leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Introducing yet another noob to Second Life sex

  1. Keyli,

    are you working as a whore on a regular basis or are you doing this just occasionally?

    What I mean is this: Do you consider yourself a sex-professional or is it a part time thing?


  2. Totally! I never thought of this as something we (ESPECIALLY as working girls) could do not only to ‘give back’ to the community, but maybe to land another regular client or two. That’s both considerate and clever marketing (aside from being hot and fun).

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