Seducing Noobs on Social Island

Back on social island again. My mission: once more initiating a noob in second life sex.

Yeah, I know. Other helpers on social island do the all the other stuff, like explaining where to get cloth, classes, how to build stuff, or where to go. I do the dirty stuff. Come on someone needs to show them.

I get approached there rather quickly, also the other day.

“Hey”, is the most common approach. This time by a guy called Wrath Cortez. I wonder how these noobs actually make up their names.

I asked him if I can be of any help, as his profile stated 1 day old. Yes. He did have questions about how to buy credits and if it works like in IMVU.

It doesn’t. There is a huge difference between buying an in-world currency which you can spend for stuff in the game or buying an exchangeable virtual currency which you can trade back and fourth with US Dollar at the Lindex.

For those of you who don’t know, this is how you buy and sell Linden Dollar (L$): Buying and selling Linden dollars in Second Life.

Suddenly he said something which sparked my interest:

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): have you visited any other place here than this one?

WrathCortez Resident: no i have not because trying to get the credits here lol and i am just trying to expand my imvu porn company to here and i am here for fun too just need to know this first so i can get a place to do my porn. And is there dicks and stuff here too?

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): Yes, there is a lot of adult stuff, genitalia, animations, lingerie, bodys skin and so on. The porn business is quite big here too. There are many producers and two companies or websites which actually market the videos made by different producers. They monetize the videos with advertising on their websites.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): Actually I am working for one of them with another avatar. This one is for fun not business, well until now at least. Whats the plan? How do you make money with your porn? Advertising as well?

Well, he didn’t answer that one yet. Next was, I gave him a bit of free stuff, including a freebie penis.

A sitenote:

Check out this website about porn made in Second Life. There you find actual videos and interviews with porn producers and models. There is also an article writen by the CEO (Caroline Resident) about how to make money in the Second Life porn business.


WrathCortez Resident: maybe when i am not a noob me and u can have some fun lol.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): haha I dont mind noobs.

WrathCortez Resident: really?

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): Actually,  its fun to be somebodies first time haha.

WrathCortez Resident: lol wish i looked better then this.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): well, if you get yourself some Linden $ we can go shopping and upgrade your looks a bit. Buy around 10.000 Linden dollar. Thats enough to get a really good looking avatar

WrathCortez Resident: I will monday.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): Do you know already how to chnage cloth and such?

WrathCortez Resident: No.

Ok, here we go again. It is quite difficult to talk a noob through all the motions of finding stuff in the inventory, how to put things on and off, what and how to wear an alpha and all that. So this took me while.

He went off to some kind of a beach.

For now.

A little later he IM-ed me again:

WrathCortez Resident: How do I show my dick?

I thought that to be funny.

I invited him via TP. No, not to social island again. I booked a hotel room at the North Sea Hotel. There we went through the motions of attaching and using the hud of the cock.



When we got it working he found that cock to be too small. “Looks like a baby cock”, he said.

/me sighs!

A word  to all guys in Second Life about this topic:

Yes, size does matter. Most women enjoy a well sized cock much more than a tiny one. However, in Second Life looking at a surrealistically oversized penis is not a turn on at all. The opposite is the case. It is a turn off in fact. It makes us think: “I am sure in real life he has a very small one and needs to compensate that in Second Life”.

You want me to think that? Do You? I don’t think so.

There is nothing erotic about having a cock stick through half of my face instead of my virtual mouth or my virtual pussy. It looks horrible. Call it a pussy dryer!

So please guys. Get one that actually fits where it is supposed to fit in.

I had quite a few I was playing with. In fact I stopped counting how often I had been fucked in Second Life. I have seen them all I believe. The ones I found most attractive are the Aeros cocks. Those you can size the way you want and the hud allows for exact positioning.

Check them out here: Aearos cocks on marketplace

The conversation went on:

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): you have some role play experience from IMVU I guess?

WrathCortez Resident: /me walks up to her with his small hard dick as he bites his lip with a dark smirk on his face listening to her talk he gets face to face with her locking eyes.

For those who do not know what IMVU is, here is the wiki article: IMVU

Great. Somebody who at least knows that part! Next I explained him to actually click on the bed and wait for that message to confirm if the system is allowed to animate the avatar.


I did not explain the menu at this stage. Instead I chose this animation and with no hesitation I started to wank him.


Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): /me takes his cock in her hand and gently starts wanking it , feels how it gets hard in her hand. inbetween licks his cockhead. Massages it with her tongue in small circles.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): like that?

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): (turns you on?)

WrathCortez Resident: /me shoving his cock into her mouth as he pulls on her hair enjoying his first time with a sexy german woman as he takes his cock waking her face with it

WrathCortez Resident: /me petting her hair while feeling her tongue on his cock moving in small circles while he smirks holding her head still while thrusting his cock nearly down her throat.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): Hmmm nice hard cock this is now, want to fuck me ?

WrathCortez Resident: yeah

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): whats your favorite position? (tell me if you are hard in real life?)

[2017/11/12 03:26] WrathCortez Resident: doggy(yes i am)

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): /me moans out as he penetrates her wet swollen pussy and says: “yes fuck me”


WrathCortez Resident: /me shoving his cock into her swollen wet pussy as he starts to thrust hard and deep into her while pulling her hair hard making her back arch and her ass clap on his skin hearing her moan makes him more hard.

I love how ur pussy feels nice and wet ready for me.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): /me breathes faster, moans at every stoke louder knowing she is in a hotel where other might her her turns her on even more.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): yes fuck me hard and deep, want you to cum in my pussy (in real too)

WrathCortez Resident: /me thrusting harder and rougher into her pussy making her ass clap more while pulling her hair making sure she screams so everyone can hear her breaking into her womb.

WrathCortez Resident: yeah. beg for my cum baby you are lucky u work for a company if u didn’t i would make you my sex slave.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): /me pushes back at every stroke he makes into her body to feel his cock deep inside. (tell me when you cum real).

WrathCortez Resident: /me thrusting faster and rougher into her pussy as he pulls her hair hard making her ass clap more as he breaks into her womb while pulling her hair

WrathCortez Resident: talk dirty to daddy

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): yes fuck that little slutty cunt, I love it hard and deep

/me moans louder feels how her body shivers in expectation of her climax.

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): Let me turn around take me on my back.

WrathCortez Resident: /me picking her legs up onto his shoulders while he thrust hard and deep into her pussy pounding her womb as he locks eyes with her feeling her juices coat his cock.


Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): yeah this will make me cum, fuck me, use this pussy for your pleasure (almost there).

WrathCortez Resident: /me leaning down as he kisses her deeply while thrusting deeper and harder cumming a full load into her pussy and womb.

essica (Jessicaslamedia): /me moans louder as she feels her climax approaching : “Yeah come on release yourself in me dont hold back” (yeeees).

/me wiggles her hips and suezes his cock to get all out if it. J.uices dripping out of her pussy running along her ass.

WrathCortez Resident: /me breaking the kiss as he slowly slides his cock out her pussy

Jessica (Jessicaslamedia): (did you cum?).

He did. Here:


Shortly after we had to leave. The rental time was up anyway. So we got dressed and Tped to the hotel lobby. We agreed next time we go shopping and take care of his appearance.

Gonna be fun I guess.

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